Dec 25, 2007

Hurry Xmas

merry christmas everybody.

today is Christmas day.

so today, i show music is chrismas song.

it's the "Hurry Xmas"

it's the L'Arc~en~Ciel's song.

they've never released chrismas song before.

so it's their first christmas song.

the song was singed about feel, that missing christmas day.

i feel, that song is pop & cute song.

Dec 6, 2007


today,add music player on this blog.

please,check it out!

it's located on rightside,under "blog archive".

i hope you like it.

Dec 2, 2007

LIFE ~the second movement~

it's a you's album.

this cd is instrumental album.

on this album, all guitar parts were played by acoustic guitar.

therfore i feel warmth on the whole.

and then, you played sanshin at "native beauty".

it's a very warmly track.

sanshin is a ryukyuan strings.

it has three strings. and play for pick a string, like a guitar.

would you like to try it?
a life trip

Nov 30, 2007

愛してない, aishitenai

it's the Acid Black Cherry's song title.

"愛してない" maens.....

i seem "i'm not loving you."

this song has wistful lyric.

However, it sung to powerful by singer.

would you like to listen it?

Nov 29, 2007

First Message

hi! i'm a japanese english baby, naoki.

nice to meet you.

on this blog, i'm gonna write about my life, japanese entertament and more...

and i'm writing for improve my english skill.

so if you find wrong terms or strange phrases,

please let me know to "comments".